As a parent, changing up your family’s routine and finding time to introduce new things can be one of the biggest barriers we face.


But when it comes to time spent engaging in the natural world – be it backyard, local park or somewhere a little more off the beaten track – it’s important that we find a way to make it work.


To help you make the most of time spent outdoors, we’ve developed a range of lists and information sheets with practical, creative and simple ideas for you to try with your children.



25 Things to do in Autumn


Falling leaves, rain play, marshmallows by the fire… embrace the arrival of cooler seasons and get outdoors with our list of ’25 Things to do in Autumn.


Mental health and the calming refrains of nature


Spending time in nature, taking nature walks, cooking with friends or family and even taking time to observe the birds can have positive impacts for your mental health. With these in mind we have developed a resource with some reminders of the little nature-inspired things you, your friends and family can do to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Look after yourself today and everyday.


Illustrated Coastal Treasures to Discover from Glenelg to Seacliff Beach


Discover and explore a stretch of coastline that once teemed with wildlife amongst 40 metre high dunes. Download our free “Coastal Treasures to Discover” resource and see how many treasures you can find!


25 Things to do in Summer


Rockpool discoveries, summer fruit harvests, early morning bushwalks, balmy evenings by the water… get set for a summer of outdoor play with our list of ‘25 Things to do in Summer’!


25 Things to do in Spring


Bushwalk amongst wildflowers, go whale watching, listen to koalas, plant seasonal vegies…welcome sunshine that spring brings with our list of ’25 Things to do in Spring’!


25 Things to do in Winter


Splash in puddles, listen for frogs, build a cubby, discover fungi in the forest… venture into the wintery landscape with our list of ’25 Things to do in Winter’.


51 Things to do before you’re 12


Snorkelling at the beach, cooking damper over a campfire, playing in a creek, digging for worms… inspire your children to venture into the outdoors with our ’51 Things to do before you’re 12’!


49 Things to do before you’re 5


Searching for tadpoles, imitating birds, sprouting seeds, catching bugs… encourage your children outside into the sensory world of play with our ‘49 Things to do before you’re 5’!


25 Things to do with children in nature before they turn 1


Lying beneath the shade of a tree, feeling the texture of bark, listening to waves… share some quality time in nature during the first year of your baby’s life with our ‘25 Things to do with children in nature before they turn 1’


A Glimpse into the Plants and Animals of Myponga Reservior Reserve


Discover some of the plants and animals that call Myponga Reservoir Reserve home.


How to be a Gumnut Baby – classic adventures for modern childhood


Searching for Wattle, Pea Flower and Gumnut Babies, treading softly around Mushroom Babies… Discover the magic of the Australian bush with your family with our ‘How to be a Gumnut Baby – classic adventures for modern childhood’

Inspired by the work of Australian artist and author, May Gibbs.



Dirt + Water = Childhood


Mud is a natural part of childhood and: is invaluable for children’s sensory development; provides a source of creativity; and research suggests it’s beneficial to children’s overall wellbeing. Get some practical ideas to explore mud play from our ‘Dirt + Water = Childhoodinfo sheet.


Loose Parts = Creativity + Discovery + Imagination


Having loose parts in your child’s play setting can stimulate creativity and imagination. Discover the potential of loose parts play; what it is and why it is so important to children’s development; and practical ideas for collecting and introducing natural loose parts to your home or education setting with our ‘Loose Parts = Creativity + Discovery + Imagination’ info sheet.


Natural Playspaces for Families: Creating Your Own Backyard Natural Playspace


Homemade mud pits, water stations, secret places, gardens to tend… bring nature play into your backyard with our ‘Natural Playspaces for Familiesinfo sheet.


Even babies need the outdoors


Smelling flowers, feeling the sensation of mud between tiny toes, exploring through the senses… Learn about the importance of the outdoors for your baby and where you can venture with them with our ‘Even babies need the outdoors’ info sheet.


Nature Scavenger Hunt


An example of downloads available through the Nature Play SA Collective Family Memberships package.



Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo


As one of Australia’s largest cockatoos these birds depend on ancient tree hollows to nest and raise their young. Many old trees that once stood throughout the landscape have been cleared – leaving very few hollows for those who
need them. Learm more about this species by downloading and printing this wildlife poster.