We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children
our love for this earth, and to tell our stories.


–Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods­­­–

Established in 2014, Nature Play SA is a not-for-profit organisation that inspires the South Australian community to engage with nature in creative, sustainable, and meaningful ways. Our core belief is that spending time in nature fosters deeper connections with the environment and ourselves. And as curiosity and wonder transform into a desire to learn, a new world of understanding, appreciation, and respect can unfold.


Our work sees us partner across all levels of government, business, and the not-for-profit sector. Our team mentors educators and works with thousands of students, families, and other learning providers. Perhaps one of our most significant achievements is the countless families engaged through events and experiences underpinned by nature awareness, immersion, and education. Through collaboration we can grow community understanding of ecological concepts, Aboriginal culture, sustainability, nature’s intrinsic values, and respect for all living things.


Our most recent venture has seen us release our very own book Where Birds Sing and Wildflowers Dance: a companion to exploring South Australia’s National Parks. The book, authored by Nature Play SA’s Jason Tyndall guides us through the beautiful world of nature. In the pages, readers will find a collection of poetry, photography, ideas to connect with nature and over 680 species of illustrated plants, animals, and other life forms (over 70 with a conservation rating). The companion is for the dreamers, adventurers, creative souls, and conservationists: it’s a companion to exploring and reflecting on South Australia’s wild spaces.


Together, we will continue to change lives and strengthen the nature connection movement.

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